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Since Spring of 2007, group tunes from the Puget Sound Folk Harp Society's Winter Festival and Summer Retreat have been made available in March and September as Featured Harp Music on the Reigning Harps Newsletter website. These tunes should be added to your Harpers' Songbook to keep it up to date. The scores (in PDF format) are available below, listed by year. (If you'd prefer an alphabetical list of all the Group Tunes, click this link to get one.)

You can also print out the current Table of Contents for your book, and use it to check that you have all the tunes; if you are missing any not listed below, contact us at for assistance.



2007 Scores:

Gånglåt efter Hamare and Klang min vakra bjällra, arranged by Beth A. Kollé.
Bonny Portmore,
arranged by Harper Tasche and St.Basil's Hymn, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2008 Scores:

The Fort Worden Strathspey, composed by Judith Cummings.
Amazing Grace Morning Has Broken,  and  Suo Ganarranged by M. Diane Moss.


2009 Scores:

Hewlett  and  O Waly Waly,  arranged by Harper Tasche.
Acres of Clams and Down by the Salley Gardens, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2010 Scores:

Bransle d'Ecosse and Y Delyn Newydd, arranged by Harper Tasche & Chì mi na Mòrbheanna, arranged by Seumas Gagne.
The Parting Glass, Star of the County Down (in 4/4 ), and Star of the County Down (in  3/4), arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2011 Scores:

Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, and Searching for Lambs, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Sakura and Kojo no Tsuki, arranged by Teruyo Koshimiya.

2012 Scores:

If I Had Wings and Elenke, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Cielito Lindo and De Colores,  arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2013 Scores:

Old Parnell and Tumbalalaika, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Los Bilbilicos and Adio Querida,  arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2014 Scores:

Auld Lang Syne  and  Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Beach Spring  and  Prospect, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2015 Scores:

Brahms' Lullaby and  Minuet in G  and  Ode to Joy, arranged by Harper Tasche.
An Kulyek Hos  and  Ryb an Avon, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2016 Scores:

Happy Birthday to You  and  Malbrouk  and  Hava Nagila, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Sir John Fenwick and Sir Sydney Smith, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2017 Scores:

 Aura Lea and Love's Old, Sweet Song, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Isabeau S'y Promène, arranged by M. Diane Moss, and Laridenn 1, arranged by Tristan Le Govic.

2018 Scores:

 La donna è mobile and 'O sole mio, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Molly MacAlpin and Southwind, from arrangements as published by Edward Bunting.

2019 Scores:

Goodnight, Irene and Silver Threads Among the Gold, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Deep River, arranged by M. Diane Moss

2020 Scores:

Two Kittens and Little Horseshoes, Give Us Fire, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Lift Every Voice and Sing, O Canada, and The Star Spangled Banner, arranged by M. Diane Moss

2021 Scores:

Early One Morning, Garryowen, and Michael Row De Boat Ashore, arranged by Harper Tasche.
[No September 2021 Group Tunes due to cancellation of Summer Retreat because of Covid}

2022 Scores:

[No March 2022 Group Tunes due to cancellation of Winter Festival because of Covid]



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