Welcome to our archive of featured harp music!  These are scores that were featured harp music selections in earlier editions of Reigning Harps. You are welcome to download and print a copy of this music for your personal private use. (If you wish to perform the music publicly for profit, print or publish any arrangement, or record or broadcast it, you must first contact the copyright holder for the appropriate permissions.)


Harpers' Songbook Note: Since Spring of 2007, group tunes from the PSFHS Winter Festival and Summer Retreat  are made available as featured music, and should be used to update your Harpers'  Songbook. Group tunes are featured in Spring and Autumn, and the PDF files you need for your book are marked below in red.


Winter 2009

El Desembre Congelat, a traditional Catalan carol, arranged by Harper Tasche.

El Desembre Congelat:  Sibelius Scorch format
El Desembre Congelat: Adobe PDF format

Spring  2009

Hewlett , an O'Carolan harp tune and O Waly Waly (a.k.a. The Water is Wide), a traditional Scottish song, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Group tunes from the 2009 Fort Worden Folk Harp Festival.)

Hewlett:  Sibelius Scorch format
HewlettAdobe PDF format

O Waly Waly:  Sibelius Scorch format
O Waly Waly: Adobe PDF format

Summer 2009

The Butterflya traditional Irish slip jig, arranged for harp ensemble by Beth A. Kollé.

The Butterfly (full score):  Sibelius Scorch format
The Butterfly( full score)Adobe PDF format

The Butterfly (Harp 1):  Sibelius Scorch format
The Butterfly( Harp 1)Adobe PDF format

The Butterfly (Harp 2):  Sibelius Scorch format
The Butterfly( Harp 2)Adobe PDF format

Fall 2009

Acres of Clams, Irish traditional tune, Pacific Northwest words & Down by the Salley Gardens, Irish traditional tune, arranged by M. Diane Moss.
Group tunes from the 2009 Crystal Mountain Folk Harp Festival.)

Acres of Clams:  Sibelius Scorch format
Acres of Clams:  Adobe PDF format

Down by the Salley Gardens:  Sibelius Scorch format
Down by the Salley Gardens:  Adobe PDF format





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