Welcome to our archive of featured harp music!  These are scores that were featured harp music selections in earlier editions of Reigning Harps. You are welcome to download and print a copy of this music for your personal private use. (If you wish to perform the music publicly for profit, print or publish any arrangement, or record or broadcast it, you must first contact the copyright holder for the appropriate permissions.)


Harpers' Songbook Note: Since Spring of 2007, group tunes from the PSFHS Winter Festival and Summer Retreat  are made available as featured music, and should be used to update your Harpers'  Songbook. Group tunes are featured in Spring and Autumn, and the PDF files you need for your book are marked below in red.


Winter 2015

A Glass of Tokay, original composition by Madeleine Herczog.

A Glass of Tokay: Adobe PDF Format
A Glass of Tokay: YouTube Link

Spring 2015

Brahms' Lullaby by Johannes Brahms, Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven, and Minuet in G by Christian Petzold, arranged by Harper Tasche.

Brahms' Lullaby: Adobe PDF Format
Brahms' Lullaby: YouTube Link

Ode to Joy: Adobe PDF Format
Ode to Joy: YouTube Link

Minuet in G: Adobe PDF Format
Minuet in G: YouTube Link

Summer 2015

Watercolors, original composition by M. Diane Moss.

Watercolors: Adobe PDF Format
: YouTube Link

Autumn 2015

An Kulyek Hos and Ryb an Avon, two Cornish folk tunes, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

An Kulyek Hos: Adobe PDF Format
An Kulyek Hos
: YouTube Link

Ryb an Avon: Adobe PDF Format
Ryb an Avon
: YouTube Link



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