Welcome to our archive of featured harp music!  These are scores that were featured harp music selections in earlier editions of Reigning Harps. You are welcome to download and print a copy of this music for your personal private use. (If you wish to perform the music publicly for profit, print or publish any arrangement, or record or broadcast it, you must first contact the copyright holder for the appropriate permissions.)


Harpers' Songbook Updates:  Since Spring of 2007, group tunes from the PSFHS Winter Festival and Summer Retreat have been made available as Featured Harp Music, and should be added to your Harpers'  Songbook. Group tunes are featured in Spring and Autumn, and the scores you need are marked below in red.


Table of Contents: You can also print out a current  Table of Contents  for your book, and use it to check that you have all the tunes.


Please follow the links below to find the scores from each year.

2005 Scores:

It's Raining Harps, composed by Harper Tasche.
The Water is Wide, arranged by Judy Aslakson.
They Stole My Wife Last Night
arranged by Bonnie Pulliam.
O Come All Ye Faithful
arranged by Sharon Thormahlen.

2006 Scores:

The Castle of Dromore, arranged by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.
Huldrevals, arranged by Beth A. KollÚ.
A lieta vita, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Bare Branches in the Wind, composed by Madeleine Herczog.

2007 Scores:

Ding Dong! Merrily on High, arranged by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.
Gňnglňt efter Hamare
Klang min vakra bjńllra, arranged by Beth A. KollÚ.
Loftus Jones,
arranged by Bob Zawalich.
Bonny Portmore,
arranged by Harper Tasche & St.Basil's Hymn, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2008 Scores:

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, arranged by Anna Jenkins.
The Fort Worden Strathspey,
composed by Judith Cummings & Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore, arranged by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.
The Foggy Dew, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

Amazing GraceMorning Has Broken,  and  Suo Ganarranged by M. Diane Moss.


2009 Scores:

El Desembre Congelat,  arranged by Harper Tasche.
and  O Waly Waly,  arranged by Harper Tasche.
The Butterfly, arranged by Beth A. KollÚ.
Acres of Clams and Down by the Salley Gardens, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2010 Scores:

Rowing to the Islandcomposed by Laurie Riley & Silent Night, for harp ensemble, arranged by Anna Jenkins.
Bransle d'Ecosse and Y Delyn Newydd, arranged by Harper Tasche & Chý mi na M˛rbheanna, arranged by Seumas Gagne.
Soraidh, composed by Bonnie Pulliam.
The Parting Glass
and Star of the County Down (in 4/4 and 3/4), arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2011 Scores:

Tanner's Wassail, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, and Searching for Lambs, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Spinster's March, composed by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.
Sakura and Kojo no Tsuki, arranged by Teruyo Koshimiya.

2012 Scores:

Let Christmas Come, arranged by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.
If I Had Wings
and Elenke, arranged by Harper Tasche.
The Road to Crystal, composed by Beth A. KollÚ.
Cielito Lindo
and De Colores, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2013 Scores:

Cornish Wassail, arranged by Jennifer Pratt-Walter.
Old Parnell and Tumbalalaika, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Blind Mary, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Los Bilbilicos and Adio Querida, arranged by M. Diane Moss.

2014 Scores:

She's Like The Swallow, arranged by Linda Khandro.
Auld Lang Syne and Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Return to Whidbey, composed by Biagio Sancetta.
Beach Spring
and Prospect, arranged by M. Diane Moss

2015 Scores:

A Glass of Tokay, composed by Madeleine Herczog.
Brahms' Lullaby, Ode to Joy, and Minuet in G, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Watercolors, composed by M. Diane Moss.
An Kulyek Hos and Ryb an Avon, arranged by M. Diane Moss

2016 Scores:

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, arranged by Janet Lanier.
Happy Birthday to You, Malbrouk, and Hava Nagila, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Coilsfield House, arranged by Seumas Gagne.
Sir John Fenwick and Sir Sydney Smith, arranged by M. Diane Moss

2017 Scores:

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, arranged by Josh Layne.
Aura Lea and Love's Old, Sweet Song, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Summer Lullaby, composed by Janet Lanier.
Isabeau S'y PromŔne, arranged by M. Diane Moss, and Laridenn 1, by Tristan Le Govic.

2018 Scores:

12 Canon Carols, arranged by M. Diane Moss.
La donna Ŕ mobile, by Verdi, and 'O sole mio, by di Capua and Mazzucchi, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Summer Morn, composed by Beth KollÚ.
Molly MacAlpin and Southwind, from arrangements as published by Edward Bunting.

2019 Scores:

Reach for the Sky, composed by Bob Zawalich.
Goodnight, Irene by Ledbetter, and Silver Threads Among the Gold by Rexford & Danks, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Sir Festus Burke, by Turlough O'Carolan, arranged by Ann Carter-Cox.
Deep River, and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, African-American spirituals, arranged by M. Diane Moss

2020 Scores:

In the Bleak Midwinter, arranged by Anna Jenkins.
Two Kittens and Little Horseshoes, Give Us Fire, Polish folk tunes, arranged by Harper Tasche
Loveliest of Trees, for harp and voice, by Ann Carter-Cox
Lift Every Voice and Sing, O Canada, and The Star Spangled Banner, arranged by M. Diane Moss

2021 Scores:

NoŰl Nouvelet, a 15th-16th century French Christmas carol, arranged by Harper Tasche.
Early One Morning, Garryowen, and Michael Row De Boat Ashore, folk tunes. arranged by Harper Tasche.
Poor Wayfaring Stranger, an American folk song, arranged by Monica Schley.
[No Autumn Featured Music because of cancellation of Summer Retreat due to Covid.]

2022 Scores:

Pumpkin Spice Jig, an original tune composed for lever harp by Tara O'Brien Pride.
[No Spring Featured Music because of cancellation of Winter Festival due to Covid.]
Hobed o Hilion, a traditional Welsh tune, arranged for lever harp by Janet Anderson.
[No Autumn Featured Music because of cancellation of Summer Retreat due to Covid.]

2023 Scores:

Silent Night, a duet for lever harp arranged by Jennifer Pratt Walter and
Mulling the Cider,
an original tune composed by Tara O'Brien Pride.
[No Spring Featured Music because of cancellation of Winter Festival due to Covid.]
Spring Light,
an original tune composed by Janet Anderson.


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