Welcome to our featured harp music section!  Every quarter (March, June, September, and December) we will feature a work by one of our talented Pacific Northwest harp composers and arrangers. You are welcome to download and print a copy of this music for your personal private use. (If you wish to perform the music publicly for profit, print or publish any arrangement, or record or broadcast it, you must first contact the copyright holder for the appropriate permissions.)

Please Note: Beginning June 2013, Reigning Harps is using YouTube to display video/audio of Featured Harp Music scores. To see/hear playback of the score, simply click the YouTube link. To print out the score, use the Adobe PDF link.

Spring's Featured Harp Music:

It's March and time for new Featured Harp Music!

This spring's free harp music are the two group tunes from February's PSFHS Winter Harp Festival. (If you have a PSFHS Harpers' Songbook in a three-ring binder, please print these off and add them to your book to keep it up to date.) Harper Tasche arranged these tunes from primary sources, to capture them in as authentic a version as possible. Goodnight, Irene (attributed to Huddie Ledbetter aka "Lead Belly") and Silver Threads Among the Gold (lyrics by Eben Rexford, music by Hart Danks) are both love songs from the late 19th to early 20th century, but in distinctly different genres!

Now, on to the music!  To print, view, or hear this quarter's tune, click on the links below.

Goodnight, Irene:  PDF Format
Goodnight, IreneYouTube Link

Silver Threads Among the Gold PDF Format
Silver Threads Among the GoldYouTube Link

Harp Music Archives: click here to see previous Featured Harp Music scores

Featured Harp Music

Featured Harp Music
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