Welcome to our featured harp music section!  Every quarter (March, June, September, and December) we will feature a work by one of our talented Pacific Northwest harp composers and arrangers. You are welcome to download and print a copy of this music for your personal private use. (If you wish to perform the music publicly for profit, print or publish any arrangement, or record or broadcast it, you must first contact the copyright holder for the appropriate permissions.)

Please Note: Beginning June 2013, Reigning Harps is using YouTube to display video/audio of Featured Harp Music scores. To see/hear playback of the tune, simply click the YouTube link. To print out the score, use the Adobe PDF link.

Summer's Featured Harp Music:

This quarter's featured harp music is Poor Wayfaring Stranger, a beautiful American folk song, arranged in lead sheet format by Monica Schley. Monica is a harpist, poet, mother, songwriter, wedding musician, harp instructor, bandleader of The Daphnes, and touring artist. Her performance history is a blend of yin and yang, ranging from the intimate sublime to large-scale performance halls around the country. She has played with indie rockers, jazz luminaries, and pop stars. As a therapeutic harpist, she works with Providence Hospice as a Certified Clinical Musician. Some of her other writing can be found at www.pyragraph.com, Harp Therapy Journal, Raven Chronicles, Cream City Review, and King County Metro’s Poetry on Buses. She lives in Seattle with her husband, designer/illustrator Stephen Schildbach, and their two young children.

Monica has posted her own thoughts about the origin and current impact of this tune on her blog at
https://monicaschley.com/poor-wayfaring-stranger-a-revived-pandemic-song/. At the same web page she also provides a recording of one of her interpretations of the tune... the wonderful thing about lead sheets is that everyone can play them to their own level of expertise and comfort... thanks so much for sharing,  Monica!

So now, on to the music...

Poor Wayfaring Stranger:  PDF Format
Poor Wayfaring Stranger:  YouTube Link

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Featured Harp Music


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