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The Puget Sound Folk Harp Society is a registered Washington State nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to promote awareness and appreciation of the folk harp in the Puget Sound area and beyond.  The Puget Sound Folk Harp Society was officially incorporated on January 15, 2004, and is a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Reigning Harps is the official on-line newsletter of the Puget Sound Folk Harp Society.
With a calendar, harp ads, teacher/performer directory, announcements, free music, and more.  
Keep up with all the harp news in the Pacific Northwest!

 Reigning Harps Newsletter


The Board of the Puget Sound Folk Harp Society is deeply saddened to
inform you of the death of our founding member and long-time president,
Harper Tasche, who died March 6 2023 from an aggressive brain tumor.
He was a good friend, an esteemed colleague, and an inspiring teacher and
mentor to so many in the Puget Sound area, and to others nation- and world-wide.
We hope to continue the mission of our Society as he envisioned, by bringing
the joy and beauty of the folk harp to all who are enchanted by it. 


Since March of 2020, we have been "on hold" (due to Covid)
with our in-person retreats, festivals, picnics, and harp circles.

But finally, we are getting back to planning live harp events.
Harp circles are back, and the Summer Retreat is coming up June 16-18!


Our retreat on beautiful Whidbey Island is at Camp Casey, on the beach,
and next to an historic lighthouse and scenic state park.
Lots of harp playing, lots of free time, and lots of fun!

If you would like to discuss a spot on the waiting list, please contact
Diane at mdianem@seanet.com

The 34th Winter Folk Harp Festival took place February 7-9, 2020
(just before the quarantine started)
Forty-plus harp players enjoyed a weekend of music and fun!

For More Photos from the Weekend, See the Gallery

Our Last Annual Pot-luck Picnic took place September 8, 2019
Hardy Harpers Braved Rain and Shine at Ravenna Park in Seattle WA

Watch this space for news of a picnic in 2023 in a brand new location!

Our Last Summer Folk Harp Retreat took place June 7-9, 2019
Beautiful Music and Scenery at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island

Watch this page on April 1 for registration info for the Summer Retreat
at our favorite spot on Whidbey Island, June 16-18, 2023!

For more photos from the retreat, see the gallery.

Harp Circles!

Circles are now meeting in person again!
All ages, styles, and levels are welcome!

For details, write to info@pugetsoundfolkharpsociety.org

Music for Harp Circles!

You are Welcome to Print Out Beth Kolle's Celtic Tunes Lead Sheet Booklet:


PSFHS "Harpers' Songbook" Updates

Participants at our Winter Festival and Summer Retreat receive a free book full of harp music!
(Sorry, we cannot sell you one, due to agreements with the original contributors.)

However, anyone is welcome to print out the tunes added after 2007 from the link below!
Or, keep your own book up to date with the current table of contents and the latest group tunes:

Table of Contents & Group Tunes

Puget Sound Folk Harp Society Board Members:
 Anna Jenkins, Beth Kolle, Diane Moss, Nan Pardew,
Sally Verrinder, and Eileen Warr-Marti.

Officers as of May 2022
Nan Pardew, president; Anna Jenkins, vice-president;
Diane Moss, secretary; Sally Verrinder, treasurer. 

Contact us at: info@pugetsoundfolkharpsociety.org

*      The Puget Sound Folk Harp Society strives to provide equal access to its programs and services for all people
without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.
Trained service animals (as defined by law) are welcome at Society events;
 the animal's owner assumes full responsibility for the animal's actions at all times.

(Puget Sound Folk Harp Society's "harp-orca" logo created and used by permission of Paula Lalish.)


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